The Twelve Convictions Series

In my last post, “Why Our House Church Isn’t A House Church”, I referenced two of our core, foundational convictions as a church.  Several people have since asked what they […]


Why Our House Church Isn’t A House Church

Over five years ago I helped plant a new worshiping community called Little Flowers Community in Winnipeg’s downtown West End neighbourhood.  Over these past five years we have met every […]

Of Sustainability & Sabbaticals

For the last 20 years I’ve served full-time in ministry with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Canada.  While I have largely served in Winnipeg, my work has also taking me […]


Inventing Hell

Few topics are hotter in theological circles than talk about Hell.  (See what I did there?)  For many, their convictions about the existence and nature of Hell are as critical […]


The Injustice of Racism in Mass Incarceration

One of my favorite vloggers, Hank Green of the Vlog Bros, recently posted the following video on mass incarceration in the US.  It is a topic that is very important […]


Standing on the Outside with Jesus

This past Sunday at Little Flowers Community, I taught (as many did) from John 9- namely, the story of the man who was blind from birth and whom Jesus healed.  […]


World Vision & A Different Possibility

Few things have stirred the social media waters of late like the whirlwind controversy around World Vision USA’s hiring policy change, then quick reversal.  Rather than rehash the details here, […]


A Living Alternative

For those who have followed this blog over the years will know that for most of it’s history it was called “A Living Alternative”.  For me, this phrase referred to […]

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Praying the Sermon on the Mount

This prayer embodies the entire heart of the Sermon on the Mount in a short, concise way. The prayer was published in my book “The Cost of Community: Jesus, St. […]

Lords Prayer

Pray In This Way

This prayer is an interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer which I wrote alongside Little Flowers Community during our study of the Sermon on the Mount. The prayer was published in […]

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